Cognitive Bias Explorer
Over 170 cognitive biases for your to easily learn, discover and explore, then to test your knowledge with the quiz!
COVID-19 Magyarország
A dashboard with statistics on the deceased from COVID-19 in Hungary, updated on a daily basis, available only in Hungarian for now.
The Life of Women and Men in Europe
Test your knowledge with questions about the daily lives of men and women in Europe across 12 areas topics ranging from their living, learning and career!
Filmography Explorer 2.0
Discover more about the filmography of your favorite actors, directors, screenwriters and even more! Look for certain genres only, create your custom watchlist dashboard and stay tuned in for upcoming features!
Filmography Explorer 1.0
Discover more about the filmography of your favorite actors, directors, screenwriters and even more!
Number of Deaths Caused by COVID-19 in Hungary
Information about the current number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in Hungary.
State of Waste in Europe
Explore how per capita municipal waste-generation evolved in European countries between 1995 and 2018, and how much of that waste on average got recycled?
Trust Biases Between European Nations
Find out more how people from one European country trust people from another!
Top Spectator Sports in the United States
Compared to 2008, a growing number of Americans chose as their favorite sport to watch in 2017, while the popularity of seems to be on the decline.
Hear Their Voices
Justice and Peace Netherlands, a non-profit organisation based in The Hague, has committed itself to empower local change makers to help them in their fight for more human rights and social justice for all.
Global Peace Gap
Global Peace Index (GPI) measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness using over 20 qualitative and quantitative indicators. Currently, it includes the ranking of 163 countries covering 99.7 per cent of the world’s population.
They Gave Colour to Our History
Discover the life of some of the greatest painters of the Western culture from the 13th up until the 20th century!
How Do We Feel About Female Leaders?
Women Political Leaders (WPL), in cooperation with Kantar, have created The Reykjavik Index for Leadership to support the journey to equality for women and men.
Philadelhia Real Estate Market
This visualization is looking at the total number of Real Estate Tax documents in Philadelhia from 2000 to 2018. It includes every type of document registered like Mortgage, Deed, Satisfaction, etc.
Operation Fistula
Operation Fistula is aimed at ending obstetric fistula for every woman everywhere, click to find out more about the initiative!
The Economic Value of the Bicycle Industry in the United Kingdom
What was the economic value of the bicycle industry in the United Kingdom over the past few years?
Wind Energy in the United States
Find out the number of homes that can be powered from wind energy in the United States, and also how much that costs.